VPN is profitable

Why do we need anonymity on the Internet and how to provide it to ourselves – we tell it together with the HideMy.name VPN service.

How VPN services and anonymizers work

If you simplify to the limit, the anonymizer is a small browser tunnel, through which you can sneak onto one site or another unnoticed. On this tunnel run data that no one can see, much less intercept.

VPN is a big tunnel between your device (computer or smartphone, no difference) and all the big Internet at once for all your applications: browser, messenger and so on.

Incoming and outgoing connections when using VPN are not directly, but through the server, which can be located in our country and abroad. For example, if you want to go to the American site, but in Russia it does not open, connect the server from the USA. In this case, the site takes you for an American user. The service HideMy.name in the virtual network has more than 100 servers, which are located in 68 cities of 43 countries of the world, so you will almost always leave your way. Layfhaker already talked about how HideMy.name works and why it is needed .

Why do we need anonymity

1. To use the Internet without interruption

You probably remember the recent history with locks of everything in a row. Google and Amazon were hit, even online games and ticket services were hit. In such a situation, VPN is a real rescue. And no, we do not call to use it to visit websites that are blocked by the court. This is an option in case when millions of subnets are mistakenly blocked at once, and in the end, innocuous services fall off.

With VPN, you will not even notice that there are problems with access to some resource: everything will still work stably. You can follow the blocking news on the HideMy.name channel in Telegram.

2. To buy software cheaper

Let’s see how much Adobe Creative Cloud products cost for individual users in Russia.

Using VPN: Prices for software with Russian IP

And now let’s try to pretend that we are from another country. Choose Israeli IP, clear cookies or go to the booking site in incognito mode.

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