real Ip In VPN Service

About 20% of VPN services reveal real IP addresses of users
Approximately 20% of VPN services leak client IP addresses due to an error related to WebRTC technology known since January 2015. WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) is an open multimedia communication standard that allows you to make audio and video calls from a browser. Browsers with WebRTC enabled by default:

Mozilla firefox
Google chrome
Google Chrome for Android
Samsung Internet
Italian researcher Paolo Stagno, under the pseudonym of VoidSec, checked 83 VPN services for the presence of IP address leaks via WebRTC. During the investigation, real IP addresses revealed 16 VPN services:

BolehVPN (US only)
ChillGlobal (Chrome and Firefox plugin)
Glype (depending on configuration)
Hola! VPN
Hola! VPN (Chrome extension)
IBVPN Browser Addon
Php proxy
phx.piratebayproxy. co
SmartHide Proxy (depending on configuration)
SOCKS Proxy (on web-enabled RTC browsers)
SumRando Web Proxy
TOR as PROXY (on browsers with web RTC enabled)
The researcher published the results in the Google Docs table . The audit list is incomplete because Stagno did not have the financial resources to test all commercial VPN services. Now Stagno asks the community to check their own VPNs and send them the results. To do this, he created a web page that users must visit in their browser with the VPN client enabled. The code running on this page is also available on GitHub if users want to test the leak locally.

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