Mobile VPN – Will it Boost Your Security and Protect Your Privacy?

You probably don’t even think about mobile VPN, privacy, and security when you’re using your smartphone at lunch with a client and the restaurant has free public Wi-Fi access as a benefit for drawing customers to eat at their establishment. You can bet it isn’t a WPA2 PSK secured connection. Hey, all you care about is doing a quick funds transfer with your bank, and it’s back to schmoozing with your client.

This is where you figure out the restaurant has not done you any favors. In a study by the Ponemon Institute in February 2016, an overwhelming majority (70%) of the IT security experts in the study confirmed that mobile devices were the source of a data breach repeatedly. Competition sensitive and client PII data are at risk as is your own personal banking data and identity information.

What Does Mobile VPN Do for Me?

In the case of mobile communications from public servers, VPN automatically encrypts pp-6-2-tokenyour data before transmitting it to the unsecured public server, which then delivers the data to whatever end point you are accessing where it is unencrypted for use at the destination system. VPN creates a secure tunnel through the mass of other unsecured traffic from that public server. It can be your bank, your company server, or any other device you’re trying to communicate with

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