How to speed up your internet connection using fast DNS

First of all, you need to say just a few words about what DNS is and what effect it has on your connection speed. In simple terms, DNS (Domain Name System) is a system for translating a website address from a human language into a computer language. That is, when you type in the address bar of your browser, it is first sent to a special server, which uses a special database to find the address of the corresponding computer and send it a request. From here it becomes clear how important the speed of this service is to the speed of opening pages in your browser.

Typically, users in the connection settings indicate the data provided by their provider. And this is absolutely correct, because the DNS service of the provider is fast enough. However, in recent years, quite powerful alternative services have appeared that provide at least, and sometimes more high-speed services. First of all, such services as OpenDNS and Google DNS come to mind . Is it really, what DNS service is the fastest for you, you will learn from this article.

The small free utility NameBench (Windows, Mac, Linux) will help us in this task. It can not only test your current connection, but also select the fastest DNS server for your particular location. For this, she makes a series of tests, the results of which may surprise you a little.

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