How to set up your VPN

Set up your own VPN on the server to get freedom on the Internet and bypass the Telegram lock.

Telegram was blocked, free proxies and VPNs work intermittently due to a large influx of users, or stop functioning altogether without explaining the reasons, like OperaVPN .

5 good free VPN services →

Paid tools can also disappear at any time: the law on the prohibition of anonymizers and VPN has long been adopted, but has not yet been applied. In this situation, the only guarantee of freedom on the Internet is your own VPN. Lifehacker will tell you how to set it up in 20 minutes.

Choosing a hosting

To configure a VPN, you need a VPS – a virtual private server. You can choose any hosting provider, as long as the following conditions are met:

The server is located in a country that is not under the jurisdiction of the Russian authorities, but is close enough to your real location.
RAM (RAM) must be at least 512 MB.
Network interface speed – 100 MB / s and higher.
Network traffic is 512 GB or higher or unlimited.
The amount of allocated space on the hard disk and the type of drive does not matter. Find the right solution for 3-4 dollars per month.

When buying a server, choose KVM. OpenVZ and Xen are also suitable if they have a TUN connected – you should ask the hosting provider in the technical service.
With KVM, no additional manipulations will be necessary, although some hosting providers may limit the ability to create a VPN on it. You can also specify this in the support service.

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