How to make oatmeal milk from two ingredients

A tasty and cheap drink for those who refuse animal food, does not tolerate lactose or just wants to diversify the menu.

What you need

100 g of oatmeal (not instant);
900 ml of water.
How to cook oatmeal milk

Wash the oatmeal. Pour them into any container and fill with water. It is better to use filtered, bottled or cooled boiled.

Stir and leave at least 4 hours, or better all night. If the room is hot, put the oatmeal in the fridge.

Stir and transfer the whole mass into a blender. Beat it to a smooth consistency.

Strain the milk through gauze folded in several layers.

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How to diversify the taste of milk

Although the oatmeal drink is called milk because of its appearance, it still differs from the usual one in taste. It has a clear flavor of oatmeal.

If you want to sweeten the milk, put 1–2 dates in the blender . In the already filtered milk, you can add a little honey.

Vanillin, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and other spices will give a wonderful smell to the drink.

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