How Online Privacy is Being Safeguarded by the Government

Online privacy is becoming a huge issue and one that has many faucets to it. There are those who believe that the government is too strict when it comes to online privacy, so as monitoring everyone’s every move online and the like. While there are others who believe that the government is not doing enough. It can be hard for a government body to please both sides of the spectrum. The latest in the world of online privacy within the United States comes after the federal government announces that there are new rules to be put into place that are meant to protect those who are surfing online. Many are already against these rules as they feel that this cuts in on the internet that is meant to be easy and free to use.

The New Rules with Online Privacy

The new rules that people are hearing about is some of the strictest rules that the United States has ever seen. The good news is that the bulk majority of these rules are being placed on Internet service providers, which is already upsetting many of these providers. These rules are coming now that the heated legal battle with Apple is taking the center stage in most news industries.

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