Heavy Internet Censorship Countries and How to Bypass the Restrictions

Internet censorship is one of those issues that takes the world by storm. There are those who argue against many countries who seem to censor everything. And this is the argument that is taking place centered around Malaysia. For several years, the internet censorship within Malaysia has become worse and continues to get even worse, something that most people cannot imagine.

What Malaysia Censors?

Within Malaysia, the censorship of the internet has grown over the last few years. At first, the censorship was something that most people did not mind. The government was removing those sites that were in some way offensive to the greater number of people in the area. However, more and more sites are being taken down and prohibited. Along with sites, there are just as many television shows, movies and books that are not allowed to be seen by the general public. In order for anyone to access these banned materials they are having to utilize a proxy in order to get online with a different IP address that is not affiliated with Malaysia. However, this can be tricky for many people, and it is a constant worry for many citizens of the area.


In terms of what Malaysia censors, it can vary according to what type of threat that this material is seen as. The government has enacted the Official Secret Act (OSA) and the Communication & Multimedia Act (CMA) that is meant to govern many of the online activities that people participate in.

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