cushion visor for a comfortable sleep while traveling

NapUp Fly will allow you to relax during long flights without falling on the shoulders of neighbors.

One of the most stupid situations is to wake up from the pushes of a fellow traveler, who has fallen down on, accidentally dozing off in an airplane. In addition to the awkwardness of the situation, it is also fraught with pain in the neck and an even greater sense of fatigue after the flight. Restless inventors with Kickstarter offer a solution in the form of a special pillow.

The novelty is called NapUp Fly and, unlike traditional neck pillows, is a kind of helmet that fixes the head, not allowing it to tumble to the side. Due to the points that block the light and the built-in audio system, you can completely isolate yourself from the environment and have a good rest.

With the help of adjustable belts, NapUp Fly is securely fastened to the headrest of the chair. The pillow has an ergonomic shape and lateral support, thereby providing the wearer with comfort during sleep . When lowering the “visor”, it fixes the head and allows you to relax without worrying about falling on the shoulders of neighbors.

The advanced version of NapUp Fly +, in addition, is also equipped with high-quality speakers, located in the soft side support panels. Through a cable with a 3.5 mm jack, you can connect them to your smartphone and doze off to your favorite music or background noise .

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