Create a Strong and Easy to Remember Password

We live in some of the most interesting times humans have ever been through. The technological advancements and endless possibilities that lie at our fingertips were unimaginable just several decades ago, which means that we are pioneering new grounds and facing issues that never came up before. The structure of our entire society is rapidly shifting into the digital realm, as we are now fully dependent on the Internet for even the most basic daily tasks. But this brings up a series of issues and vulnerabilities that cannot be ignored anymore.


Security has become in recent years one of the most important topics worldwide. Along with the Snowden revelations came the cold realization that even our governments are keeping a close eye on each and every one of us. Not to mention the ever growing hacker community, filled with predators eager to get their hands on our bank accounts and digital wallets. One of the biggest vulnerabilities that we are now facing is the weakness of the passwords we are using.

In the early years, passwords were quite difficult to break, which meant that an easy combination of words and digits was all we needed to be safe from attackers. But as time went by, computers became more and more powerful, allowing brute force algorithms to grow in strength and precision. Passwords gradually lost their strength and became more of a problem.

What is Diceware?

In 1995, researcher Arnold Reinhold came up with the Diceware method for creating strong passwords and passphrases that are easy to remember and impossible to break with cryptographic attacks. The method is rather simple and it involves the use of dice rolls to create entropy, which is a mathematical correspondent to the concept of randomness. Our brains are wired for pattern matching, an evolutionary trait that helped us to survive in the wilderness. But this also means that we perform quite poorly when it comes to creating random sequences. The Diceware method overcomes this issue by using dice rolls to create random number sequences.

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