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Easy Steps To Avoid Common Internet Security Mistakes

The Internet is officially part of our daily life. You may not realize it, but most likely you are connected to the Internet 24/7. Your smartphone, computer, tablet, smart box or gaming device are all connected to the Web. If suddenly you find yourself without an Internet connection, you will understand how critical the Internet […]

Create a Strong and Easy to Remember Password

We live in some of the most interesting times humans have ever been through. The technological advancements and endless possibilities that lie at our fingertips were unimaginable just several decades ago, which means that we are pioneering new grounds and facing issues that never came up before. The structure of our entire society is rapidly […]

Am I Anonymous When I Use VPN?

Online anonymity is something that continues to be attacked every day by governments and institutions. Anonymity allows internet users to visit websites of their choice without worrying about someone or even the state collecting information of their internet activity. Anonymous web browsing also prevents malicious people from snooping on your information or knowing your location. […]

How Online Privacy is Being Safeguarded by the Government

Online privacy is becoming a huge issue and one that has many faucets to it. There are those who believe that the government is too strict when it comes to online privacy, so as monitoring everyone’s every move online and the like. While there are others who believe that the government is not doing enough. […]

How to Unblock Blocked Websites

One of the issues that many people face when they are online is being blocked from certain websites. This makes it effectively impossible to access that particular website, of course, unless you have some extra knowledge on the issue. Since we are talking about extra knowledge, it’s important to know; why those blocks are put […]

How To Watch Movies Online Free With A VPN

Gone are the days when you had to wait for the DVD of your favorite movie to come out to watch it in the comfort of your home. IPTV has changed all that. Today, there are many media streaming devices and VOD services that allow you to watch movies online free. All the latest and […]

real Ip In VPN Service

About 20% of VPN services reveal real IP addresses of users Approximately 20% of VPN services leak client IP addresses due to an error related to WebRTC technology known since January 2015. WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) is an open multimedia communication standard that allows you to make audio and video calls from a browser. […]

Why free VPN is very dangerous.

In the eyes of many, VPN is a means to visit sites that are, for whatever reason, denied access. Of course, you don’t really want to pay for the fight against incomprehensible restrictions … But do you lose more by trusting a free VPN? How does it work? VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual […]