5 free programs for remote access

With their help, you can solve technical problems of relatives or use computer resources at a distance.

These programs allow you to control your PC from other computers or mobile devices via the Internet. Having access to a remote device, you can manage it as if it were nearby: change settings, launch installed applications, view, edit and copy files.

In the article, you will see terms such as “client” and “server.”

A client is any device (PC, tablet or smartphone), and a server is a remote computer to which it is connected.
1. Remote Assistance (Microsoft Remote Assistance)

What platforms you can connect to: Windows.
From which platforms can connect: Windows.
Remote Assistance is a utility built into Windows that allows you to quickly connect computers to each other without third-party programs . This method does not allow file sharing. But at your service full access to a remote computer, the ability to collaborate with another user and text chat.

Server instructions

Remote Windows Assistant, Server Instruction

Run the utility. To do this, type in the search on the system “Remote Assistant”. If you have Windows 10 , search for MsrA. Right-click on the item found and select “Run as administrator”.
In the window that opens, click “Invite someone you trust to help.” If the system reports that the computer is not configured, click “Fix” and follow the prompts. After changing the settings, you may have to restart the utility.
When the assistant prompts you to select the invitation method, click “Save invitation as file”. Then enter its name, storage folder and confirm the creation of the file.
When the file appears in the specified location, a password window will appear on the screen. Copy the password and send it along with the file to the client by mail or in any other way.
Wait for the connection request from the client and approve it.
Instructions for the client

Remote Windows Assistant Client Instruction

Open the file created by the server and enter the received password. After that you will see the screen of the remote computer and you can watch it in a special window.
To manage files and programs of another computer, as if you are next to it, click in the top menu “Request Management” and wait for a response from the server.
The file and password are one-time, for the next session they will no longer fit.

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