5 computer media servers

A TV without a media server on a computer or a special device is practically useless. We have selected the top 5 media servers that will make your TV much more useful and functional.

Recently, I realized that televisions are still in the last century. If mobile gadgets and computers are becoming more convenient, faster and easier, then the only thing that changes in TVs is the screen size and resolution. It’s not worth talking about convenience yet.

A TV without a media server on a computer or a special device is a practically useless thing, unless you like to hang out in the news and talk shows in the evenings. Therefore, I chose the top 5 media servers for the computer, which will pump your TV and make it much more functional.

Plex – the most popular and, perhaps, convenient option. Having started the server on your computer, you can manage it from a browser, set up a library, add subtitles and so on. All information about the movie Plex loads automatically and does it perfectly in 9 cases out of 10. The TV sees the Plex server without any problems and everything loses perfectly. The only disadvantage of Plex and other similar programs is that the TV does not see the subtitles embedded in the movie, but for most it does not matter

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