dead cryptocurrency for 2018

The Internet portal Coinopsy posted a list of “dead” cryptocurrency for 2018. Most of the cryptocurrency is completely depreciated, and some of them were fraudulent.

Experts have found 264 cryptocurrencies that have ceased to exist, were fraudulent, stopped issuing updates, or were abandoned by the developers of the project last year.

It is worth noting that 144 of them were launched through large-scale ICO in 2017.

In 20% of the “dead” cryptocurrency, the authors of the project found signs of fraud. For example, the Dimoncoin cryptocurrency allowed the creators to issue an unlimited number of coins.

About 27% of the cryptocurrencies were abandoned by their developers, including the Rare Pepe Party, Masternode Community Coin and India Coin.

You can learn more about the fate of the largest cryptocurrency in this material .

how vpn work

VPNs are communication networks capable of connecting computers through a public network, usually the internet. The difference with other services is that it guarantees the security of the system by means of cryptography and tunneling technologies that protect the data during transmission, preventing them from being intercepted or modified throughout the process.

When the information is encrypted, even if it is sent through a network that is not secure (as is the case with the Internet), it can only be deciphered by the recipient . Once that is done, the data is encapsulated and passes through the tunnel protocol, a kind of safe path for its transmission.

Benefits of VPN connectivity

We have already seen that a company needs to have secure communication between employees of a parent company and its branches. In addition to the private virtual network, it is possible to use network cables or pay for a private line. The first option is discarded when the distance between the offices is very large and requires a connectivity technology that overcomes the geographical challenges.

In this scenario, VPNs are a solution that involves less expenses for the company and guarantees connection speed and data transfer security. In addition, VPNs have a highly scalable structure . This means that it is possible to add a large number of new users without increasing the infrastructure of the network.