VPN is profitable

Why do we need anonymity on the Internet and how to provide it to ourselves – we tell it together with the HideMy.name VPN service.

How VPN services and anonymizers work

If you simplify to the limit, the anonymizer is a small browser tunnel, through which you can sneak onto one site or another unnoticed. On this tunnel run data that no one can see, much less intercept.

VPN is a big tunnel between your device (computer or smartphone, no difference) and all the big Internet at once for all your applications: browser, messenger and so on.

Incoming and outgoing connections when using VPN are not directly, but through the server, which can be located in our country and abroad. For example, if you want to go to the American site, but in Russia it does not open, connect the server from the USA. In this case, the site takes you for an American user. The service HideMy.name in the virtual network has more than 100 servers, which are located in 68 cities of 43 countries of the world, so you will almost always leave your way. Layfhaker already talked about how HideMy.name works and why it is needed .

Why do we need anonymity

1. To use the Internet without interruption

You probably remember the recent history with locks of everything in a row. Google and Amazon were hit, even online games and ticket services were hit. In such a situation, VPN is a real rescue. And no, we do not call to use it to visit websites that are blocked by the court. This is an option in case when millions of subnets are mistakenly blocked at once, and in the end, innocuous services fall off.

With VPN, you will not even notice that there are problems with access to some resource: everything will still work stably. You can follow the blocking news on the HideMy.name channel in Telegram.

2. To buy software cheaper

Let’s see how much Adobe Creative Cloud products cost for individual users in Russia.

Using VPN: Prices for software with Russian IP

And now let’s try to pretend that we are from another country. Choose Israeli IP, clear cookies or go to the booking site in incognito mode.

How to set up a proxy on Mac OS X

Last time, I talked about how to enter a machine running Mac OS X into the Windows domain. Someone this article was useful, and several people asked a question on Twitter about how to configure a proxy. I am pleased to tell you about it.

Proxy may be needed in different situations. For example, if we take into account the previous article, then a proxy server is configured on my network, through which all traffic goes. If you do not register its settings in the system (or separately in the used software), then we will not get access to the Internet. There are other cases when using a proxy you can make surfing the network more anonymous and get access to information to bypass various filters.

If you need to use a proxy not in the entire system, but only in a specific software, then you should directly make the appropriate entries in it. For example, Team Viewer can work with proxies. To add you need to open its settings and register the address of the proxy server.


As you can see, Team Viewer can take both browser settings (take the prescribed server from the settings of the default client) and manual settings.

But if you need to use a proxy in the entire system, then this should be done in the appropriate system settings menu. Open “System Settings” and go to the “Internet and Wireless Network” category, where we go to the “Network” menu.

Next, you need to choose a connection method. I will show my example.
The fact is that at work I connect to the network through a regular cable, and at home I use a WiFi connection. I do not use any proxies at home, but for a working connection they are required. Therefore, the settings are recorded depending on the connection method.


So, click on the lock, remove the restrictions, select the connection method and click the “Advanced” button. In the menu that appears, go to the tab “Proxy”. Here you can set checkboxes for all sorts of connections (it is better to ask your network administrator for this). If there is an autotune file, just go to the appropriate item and set the path to it, or select the file itself from the hard disk. If you do not have such a file, tick the necessary elements, write down the proxy address and port (you can enter both an IP address and a name). Also, if your proxy server requires authentication, you can enter a username and password in the fields below.


Close the windows and apply the settings. That’s all. Now you can open the browser and check whether you have the Internet or not.

If you have any other questions, please ask them in the comments to this article.

How to make your own cloud storage vpn

Cloud storage services have become a real panacea for anyone who wants to access their data from any device from anywhere in space. We gladly moved our data to the clouds and successfully use them, only sometimes cautiously reading the latest news about the iCloud and Dropbox hacks. Someone initially does not give rest to the fact that the cloud is controlled by “someone”, but not by the user himself. These are the enthusiasts who made OwnCloud.

How to make your own cloud storage
What it is

“Own cloud” is nothing more than personal storage running on its own web server or site. The main feature of OwnCloud is that it is free and open source. In general, if you have the aforementioned site, the user will need approximately 5 minutes to deploy their own Dropbox-like repositories, and without ingenious coding – no specific knowledge is needed. In the appendage, the user gets access to applications (text editors, task lists and other useful things) that other project participants create for their own needs.

How to make your own cloud storage

What can

The list of basic functions is almost identical to all popular clouds: storage and access to data through a web interface, synchronization, sharing. In order not to clutter the text with a bunch of screenshots, you can use the OwnCloud demo page – there you can poke all the menus and generally evaluate the appearance, mechanics and capabilities of the service.

How to make your own cloud storage


Fans of getting along with the cloud storage various additional things will be delighted by the presence of embedded multimedia and other tools: music player, contact manager, calendar, bookmarklet service and image viewer.

How to make your own cloud storage

System requirements

Naturally, deploying your own cloud requires a platform where it will work. For such purposes, suitable host with support for PHP5 and MySQL (or SQLite).

We download OwnCloud Server and install it using a web installer. By complexity, the process is comparable to uploading a file to a host. After that, it will only be necessary to determine the address for remote access to the service.

Where to go

The desktop client is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux . Here you can also download the source code with which you can build a client for anything.

If we are talking about mobile access, here everything is a bit dual: there are Android and iOS clients , but they are paid. At the same time reviews about them, let’s face it, are not great. It is hoped that mobile customers will be finished.

How to set up your VPN

Set up your own VPN on the server to get freedom on the Internet and bypass the Telegram lock.

Telegram was blocked, free proxies and VPNs work intermittently due to a large influx of users, or stop functioning altogether without explaining the reasons, like OperaVPN .

5 good free VPN services →

Paid tools can also disappear at any time: the law on the prohibition of anonymizers and VPN has long been adopted, but has not yet been applied. In this situation, the only guarantee of freedom on the Internet is your own VPN. Lifehacker will tell you how to set it up in 20 minutes.

Choosing a hosting

To configure a VPN, you need a VPS – a virtual private server. You can choose any hosting provider, as long as the following conditions are met:

The server is located in a country that is not under the jurisdiction of the Russian authorities, but is close enough to your real location.
RAM (RAM) must be at least 512 MB.
Network interface speed – 100 MB / s and higher.
Network traffic is 512 GB or higher or unlimited.
The amount of allocated space on the hard disk and the type of drive does not matter. Find the right solution for 3-4 dollars per month.

When buying a server, choose KVM. OpenVZ and Xen are also suitable if they have a TUN connected – you should ask the hosting provider in the technical service.
With KVM, no additional manipulations will be necessary, although some hosting providers may limit the ability to create a VPN on it. You can also specify this in the support service.

5 free programs for remote access

With their help, you can solve technical problems of relatives or use computer resources at a distance.

These programs allow you to control your PC from other computers or mobile devices via the Internet. Having access to a remote device, you can manage it as if it were nearby: change settings, launch installed applications, view, edit and copy files.

In the article, you will see terms such as “client” and “server.”

A client is any device (PC, tablet or smartphone), and a server is a remote computer to which it is connected.
1. Remote Assistance (Microsoft Remote Assistance)

What platforms you can connect to: Windows.
From which platforms can connect: Windows.
Remote Assistance is a utility built into Windows that allows you to quickly connect computers to each other without third-party programs . This method does not allow file sharing. But at your service full access to a remote computer, the ability to collaborate with another user and text chat.

Server instructions

Remote Windows Assistant, Server Instruction

Run the utility. To do this, type in the search on the system “Remote Assistant”. If you have Windows 10 , search for MsrA. Right-click on the item found and select “Run as administrator”.
In the window that opens, click “Invite someone you trust to help.” If the system reports that the computer is not configured, click “Fix” and follow the prompts. After changing the settings, you may have to restart the utility.
When the assistant prompts you to select the invitation method, click “Save invitation as file”. Then enter its name, storage folder and confirm the creation of the file.
When the file appears in the specified location, a password window will appear on the screen. Copy the password and send it along with the file to the client by mail or in any other way.
Wait for the connection request from the client and approve it.
Instructions for the client

Remote Windows Assistant Client Instruction

Open the file created by the server and enter the received password. After that you will see the screen of the remote computer and you can watch it in a special window.
To manage files and programs of another computer, as if you are next to it, click in the top menu “Request Management” and wait for a response from the server.
The file and password are one-time, for the next session they will no longer fit.

How to run a local web server for a site right

Do you have an idea for a cool website, a plan for its implementation, but at the same time you want to open the doors to visitors only when everything is truly finished and tested? There is nothing easier, because the web server for the site can be run directly on your computer, and the purchase of hosting to postpone until the project is fully ready.

Today we will talk about a local web server that is available for both Windows and OS X. At the same time, its key feature is the presence of a simple and clear interface. To start the server, you do not need to be a bearded administrator. It is enough just to read the instructions thoughtfully, and you can easily revive the local version of the site.

So, meet MAMP and MAMP PRO. The first one is free, but with reduced capabilities, which are still enough for most of your needs. The second – paid, it will cost 4,000 rubles. If after reading, decide to download MAMP or buy MAMP.

First, let’s talk about the free version of MAMP, because it is with it that the easiest way is to start exploring a local web server. Immediately after installation, you will get a working web server with Apache, MySQL and PHP.

How to speed up your internet connection using fast DNS

First of all, you need to say just a few words about what DNS is and what effect it has on your connection speed. In simple terms, DNS (Domain Name System) is a system for translating a website address from a human language into a computer language. That is, when you type www.example.ru in the address bar of your browser, it is first sent to a special server, which uses a special database to find the address of the corresponding computer and send it a request. From here it becomes clear how important the speed of this service is to the speed of opening pages in your browser.

Typically, users in the connection settings indicate the data provided by their provider. And this is absolutely correct, because the DNS service of the provider is fast enough. However, in recent years, quite powerful alternative services have appeared that provide at least, and sometimes more high-speed services. First of all, such services as OpenDNS and Google DNS come to mind . Is it really, what DNS service is the fastest for you, you will learn from this article.

The small free utility NameBench (Windows, Mac, Linux) will help us in this task. It can not only test your current connection, but also select the fastest DNS server for your particular location. For this, she makes a series of tests, the results of which may surprise you a little.

5 computer media servers

A TV without a media server on a computer or a special device is practically useless. We have selected the top 5 media servers that will make your TV much more useful and functional.

Recently, I realized that televisions are still in the last century. If mobile gadgets and computers are becoming more convenient, faster and easier, then the only thing that changes in TVs is the screen size and resolution. It’s not worth talking about convenience yet.

A TV without a media server on a computer or a special device is a practically useless thing, unless you like to hang out in the news and talk shows in the evenings. Therefore, I chose the top 5 media servers for the computer, which will pump your TV and make it much more functional.

Plex – the most popular and, perhaps, convenient option. Having started the server on your computer, you can manage it from a browser, set up a library, add subtitles and so on. All information about the movie Plex loads automatically and does it perfectly in 9 cases out of 10. The TV sees the Plex server without any problems and everything loses perfectly. The only disadvantage of Plex and other similar programs is that the TV does not see the subtitles embedded in the movie, but for most it does not matter

How to make oatmeal milk from two ingredients

A tasty and cheap drink for those who refuse animal food, does not tolerate lactose or just wants to diversify the menu.

What you need

100 g of oatmeal (not instant);
900 ml of water.
How to cook oatmeal milk

Wash the oatmeal. Pour them into any container and fill with water. It is better to use filtered, bottled or cooled boiled.

Stir and leave at least 4 hours, or better all night. If the room is hot, put the oatmeal in the fridge.

Stir and transfer the whole mass into a blender. Beat it to a smooth consistency.

Strain the milk through gauze folded in several layers.

How to cook porridge: detailed instructions

How to diversify the taste of milk

Although the oatmeal drink is called milk because of its appearance, it still differs from the usual one in taste. It has a clear flavor of oatmeal.

If you want to sweeten the milk, put 1–2 dates in the blender . In the already filtered milk, you can add a little honey.

Vanillin, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and other spices will give a wonderful smell to the drink.

cushion visor for a comfortable sleep while traveling

NapUp Fly will allow you to relax during long flights without falling on the shoulders of neighbors.

One of the most stupid situations is to wake up from the pushes of a fellow traveler, who has fallen down on, accidentally dozing off in an airplane. In addition to the awkwardness of the situation, it is also fraught with pain in the neck and an even greater sense of fatigue after the flight. Restless inventors with Kickstarter offer a solution in the form of a special pillow.

The novelty is called NapUp Fly and, unlike traditional neck pillows, is a kind of helmet that fixes the head, not allowing it to tumble to the side. Due to the points that block the light and the built-in audio system, you can completely isolate yourself from the environment and have a good rest.

With the help of adjustable belts, NapUp Fly is securely fastened to the headrest of the chair. The pillow has an ergonomic shape and lateral support, thereby providing the wearer with comfort during sleep . When lowering the “visor”, it fixes the head and allows you to relax without worrying about falling on the shoulders of neighbors.

The advanced version of NapUp Fly +, in addition, is also equipped with high-quality speakers, located in the soft side support panels. Through a cable with a 3.5 mm jack, you can connect them to your smartphone and doze off to your favorite music or background noise .